These are items I own that I wouldn’t want to live without!

Important Note: below are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through my link. I personally own and love the items that are pictured, and truly appreciate your trust and support. Feel free to check them out if you’d like. I hope this info helps you either way!

Ukulele Strap

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PROS: Super simple design, easy to put on, and inexpensive ($9-10). This strap is the only way I’m able to play while standing! Otherwise the uke just slides down my body and out of my hands. If you’re not planning on performing, or you prefer sitting while you play, then you don’t need this. I just like to have the option to stand for YouTube videos and gigs.

CONS: This strap does start to feel a little uncomfortable around my neck after a couple hours of wearing it, but I would expect that with any strap. The only other negative is that my hand gets sore after awhile because I do a lot of “chucking” in my strum patterns, so my palm usually ends up hitting the little plastic piece that hooks onto the front of the uke. Even still, I have never regretted this purchase!

Hardshell Ukulele Case

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If you’re only going to keep your ukulele on a stand and never travel with it, then don’t worry about getting a case! But if you want to bring it with you to the beach, on the plane, to gigs or anywhere else, then I definitely recommend this case. Or any other hardshell case you like!

I know some ukuleles are sold with a gig bag included, but they are basically only good for keeping your ukulele safe from dust. They are soft and won’t protect it like a hardshell case will.


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This is technically a guitar capo, but it works just as great with ukuleles. I’ve been using this one for years! (You’ve probably seen it in many of my videos).

Tripod Stand

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Just like the capo, this stand is technically made for guitars. I’ve been using this for years as well, and have no complaints. The height is adjustable and it’s very lightweight. I only have tenor ukuleles though, and since they’re a bit bigger than soprano or concert, I wouldn’t recommend this stand for the smaller ukes because the bottom will probably slide right through this stand. Instead, you could get something like this.